UE4 Development Diary: idea generation

09 November 2017

Categories: UE4

Examples of sci-fi themed levels

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These images would be well fitted to a perhaps residential or commercial ship. The interior of the ship that my project is based on may have areas like this but would this be accessed during the level? Perhaps not.

This would be appropriate. With the panel lifted in the ground it suggests a broken ship. The cylindrical shape also offers a different approach to design and layout.

I found this image really interesting and loved how the design was laid out. I will be investigating my designs using squared paper and from this picture I may also do isometric sketches to add another dimension to my designs.

Repeating columns and other similar features are appealing in corridors and help break up blank walls for them to appear more interesting.

Example of how to design a level. I found this diagram useful in my own designs with labels and levels.