Birdman Development Diary: the brief

29 January 2018

Categories: C++ | ASGE

The Concept

For this ASGE project, I'm working in a group of three to design and make a game based off of the movie Birdman. One of features that makes the Birdman film so unique is it is made to appear that the entire film is taken in a single shot. Our game is based off this.

You play as a camera man with the objective of filming Birdman/Riggan Thomson as he makes his way from his dressing room to the stage. Along the way, you must ensure that your camera has sufficient battery life whilst keeping it trained to Birdman for as long as possible. You only have a set amount of time that the camera can be away whilst you weave your way through corridors to pick up batteries for the camera and collectibles. The collectibles will be things such as wigs and coffee, and may provide benefits to the player such as increased speed on future playthroughs.

We're undecided on having additional levels, and the reason for this is the path that Birdman will take is not the same on each playthrough. He may choose to take a different route, which you won't know until he takes off down a corridor. The result of this may be that you can't move away from him long enough to get all the collectibles in the level.

Here is an example of a potential level layout, minus the additional routes