Birdman Development Diary: the postmortem

28 February 2018

Categories: C++ | ASGE

Our final game was well made in a sense of it being bug-free, and also had a significant challenge to it. We were short on time when it came to the end of the development due to the time taken by another group member to create a very complex (and good) scene manager which will most likely be used in the next game we create to speed up development time. As a result of the limited time, the randomised locations Birdman will go didn't make it into the final game. We were worried this would affect the replayability however we found a way around this.

Replayability with the new gameplay

Now, instead of Birdman going a random short route to the stage, he will make use of the map and go a larger route. We placed collectibles near these routes with a significant risk for the player to obtain them. Following Birdman around the level is easy, but to get some of the collectibles it takes you quite far from Birdman and it's incredibly difficult to catch up before the field of view timer runs out! Only a player who has mastered when to leave the path and go for the collectibles will succeed in getting them all.