Emerging Technologies Development Diary: entry five

12 April 2018

Categories: C# | Unity | XR | Design | Research

Going into this session we focused on completing our todo list from last session along with some errors we found during a pizza playtest.

First we set off fixing the sunglasses but eventually found it much easier just to use a duplicate of the original glasses as problems with changing alpha values made the sunglasses turn bright red. Whilst it look like you were the terminator, it wasn’t quite what we were after.

During testing out minimum and maximum values (After people repeatedly smacked themselves in the face) we thought, why are we changing the distance to the players face when we could just scale the elements. This proved more tricky than we thought so after approx. 15 mins of bashing our heads against the keyboard we wrote it down in the TODO: and moved on.

More glasses

Adding more glasses was super easy. We decided to go for a friendly kids game UI with bright bubble text and nice clean menus for one pair. Another pair featured terminator inspired pair of shades that tints the users screen red and adds elements akin to the ones above. As well as the above, we also created a more traditional FPS hud with health, ammo count and a radar.

We found that screen space UI doesn't work in VR, you just can’t see it in the headset so coming up with another solution is going to prove interesting. Potentially have one minimal UI, average and UI with loads of stuffs

When it comes to our UI we added another feature we figured was only appropriate when customising UI and that is the ability to scale objects. To do this we added the ability to use the thumb sticks depending on which hand you have the element in to increase or decrease the size in a smooth transition. This way the user can customise a lot more elements and fit the objects in a smaller space or for those who find it difficult to read some of it can scale them up.


  • Sometimes UI gets stuck. No clue why
  • Sometimes player loses hands. No clue why