Robot Wars Development Diary: introduction

11 March 2018

Categories: C++ | ASGE

Networking game

Using enet and ASGE, we are to make a game with the same kind of mechanics as you'd expect from XCOM. It must be turn-based, on a grid system with multiple units per player. Each turn, the units must have stats and be able to move and attack using time units (i.e. can only move one then attack, or move twice but no attack). Finally, the game must have some kind of fog of war mechanic.

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Our game

We've chosen to do a Robot Wars themed game, where each player has three robots they can customise (with different weapons, armour, etc.) which they then take into battle. Their stats depend on how they have made their robots. Each turn the player will have points to spend which they may use to move and/or attack. We will also have a chat room for the two players to communicate. One issue with this is that they'll be sharing a keyboard (LAN on the same PC), so realistically they'd be sat next to each other which negates the need for an in-game chat however if this game was to be made fully networked on different PCs then this would be an incredibly useful feature.


We haven't decided on final stats each robot will have however they will be some or all of the below which will be influenced by the wheels, weapon, and body the player equips to the robots:

  • Level (increases as you play, XP)
  • Maximum health
  • Energy (actions each robot can take each turn i.e. move three spaces, attack once)
  • Manoeuvre (chance to dodge/counter enemy attacks)
  • Armour (how much damage to block)
  • Strength (damage to deal to enemies)
  • Accuracy (chance to hit)
  • Knockback (how many spaces to knock the enemy back, see below)


As in the BBC TV show Robot Wars, the robots battle in an arena. This arena has traps to catch the players out which is where the knockback will come in: the enemy player's robot can push the player's robot into a trap.